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Last updated: May 10, 2024

There are a few ways of signing a release with your nostr keys.

Which one would you prefer?

  1. Sign once. Link your Android keystore to your nsec via NIP-69. Easy but needs to be kept in sync. Not as secure if your keystore/password have been supplied to Github already. can provide a script to facilitate the signing.

  2. Github action integration. Set up a NIP-46 bunker and use a provided Github action to automatically sign. Requires you to keep a bunker running in the cloud and configure the action in your build pipeline.

  3. Get notified via DM. Every time detects a release we will send you a DM (or notifications on other channels) to remind you to sign. We can provide the events ready for you to sign, you can use an online tool (sign with NIP-07 extension) or a CLI tool.

You can DM @franzap here or leave a comment on our Github issue.