Last updated: May 9, 2024 is a permissionless app store.

It uses nostr to establish identity, linking release artifacts to social profiles validated by the web of trust. This enables secure installs, a new app discoverability layer and developer monetization via zaps.

0.1.2 is available! (Android only)

Download here or from Github:

It's important to verify this APK, but only on first install.

The SHA-256 hash is: f22d1bc0c4e27032ce9e9e1761a35f9b80ae9c47ac6923c7612033e9805acfb8, that you can check with shasum -a 256 f22d1bc0c4e27032ce9e9e1761a35f9b80ae9c47ac6923c7612033e9805acfb8.apk on the downloaded file.

In addition the nostr account published a kind-1063 event with this hash.