ZAP Token Sale Has Ended

The ZAP token distribution event has concluded. The Synapse Foundation is no longer offering tokens for purchase. We have no plans to offer any Zap tokens to the public. 

Tokens may be available for purchase on various marketplaces or exchanges that may feature a variety of utility tokens, cryptocurrency and other items.

Zap token, Zap Store and the Zap Marketplace are the property of Synapse Foundation, an Isle of Man foundation with offices in Douglas, Isle of Man and Zug, Switzerland. For more information, visit Synapse Foundation and the Zap Store do not provide investment, financial, tax or legal advise, nor do we make any endorsement, recommendation or approval of any such third party site. Synapse Foundation and the Zap Store disclaim all responsibility for the contents, operation or activities any third party website. You assume all responsibility and liability for accessing, using and making any transaction or offer to purchase or sell Zap or utility tokens of any kind. Websites where Zap tokens may be featured may not be operated in accordance with the laws of your or any jurisdiction, and you may not have recourse to any lost funds or assets should you engage in transactions with or through these websites. Synapse Foundation cautions all potential users about these websites in general, and disclaims any and all responsibility for any loss, disruption, theft or misappropriation of either funds or personal account or personal identifying information by Zap or any third party.